Rutledge Cancer Foundation was founded in 2011, after 15 year old Carley Rutledge was diagnosed with stage IV Ewing sarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer. When friends and family learned that there had been little change in treatment options and survival rates in over 30 years, they decided to take action. Although Carley relapsed in 2012, she is doing well today thanks to participating in a clinical trial. Our goal is to bring new, life saving treatments to everyone.

Our Mission

Rutledge Cancer Foundation works to ease the impact of cancer on the lives of teens and young adults, raise survival rates and find a cure for sarcomas and other solid tumor cancers.

  • We fund patient programs that address unmet emotional and physical needs

  • We work as a catalyst to increase awareness and early detection

  • We support research for less toxic, personalized cancer therapies

From the beginning, Rutledge Cancer Foundation and its supporters have volunteered thousands of hours to help young people with cancer. Many of us have been in the shoes of our patients and their families. It is the knowledge that we have acquired, the collaborations that we have created, and the community that we have gathered, that will bring change and a healthier future to young cancer patients. Please join us in easing cancer’s impact, raising survival rate and finding a cure.



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